These are my most commonly used resources when I need some medical information quickly. Check 'em out.

Cascade Hospital: Created as a resource for Sentinel fan fiction, this is a website resource specifically designed to help fanfiction and other writers who want to make their stories more medically authentic.

The Electronic Textbook of Hand Surgery: This was a major resource for Jane's injuries in Home Construction, Soul Repair.

eMedicine World Medical Library: This was a good resource for the poisoning information I used in The Price of Love.

WebMD: This is a good general source of medical information that I've used for several fics.

Fan Fic Med: The definitive research site for fan fic writers that want medical realism in their stories. Ask specific questions from list members or just check out the extensive bookmarks section.

Resources for Medical Fan Fiction Writing: Created as a resource for ER and Third Watch, this website resource can be used as a reference for all fan fiction set in the current day.

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