There are hundreds of amazing X-Men fan fics on the web that I've read and enjoyed, but these are the ones that I return to again and again.

After the Fact by Darkstar
X2 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue) When someone tries to settle Stryker's score with Logan, Rogue learns a few things about the price of secrets and what it takes to survive the truth.

Agonia by Minisinoo
X2 Movieverse (Scott, Logan) Not everything that is meant well causes comfort.

Agony and Ecstasy by Diebin
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue) Rogue tries to grow into herself, and is confused by what she finds.

All Eyes on Me by Nova Zion and Dana Knight
Comicverse (Jubilee, Logan) After Operation: Zero Tolerance, Jubilee needs some healing time with the X-Men, but what force will change and mend a broken friendship?

Bad Apple by Tinhutlady
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue, Piotr) Newcomers arrive at the mansion and Logan is a target for retribution.

Because You Loved Me by QMan
Comicverse (X-Men, Logan) Companion to "Loss." The X-Men talk about Logan, who is seriously hurt.

The Best-Laid Plans by Victoria P.
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue, Scott/Jean, hints of Scott/Rogue) Scott and Rogue try to make Logan and Jean jealous.

The Best-Laid Plans by Ransom
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue, Scott/Jean, hints of Scott/Rogue) A rewrite of the above fic. Logan tells the story of how he and Rogue became a couple.

Blackout by Jamie
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue) Rogue never thought she'd be able to repay Logan for saving her life. She was wrong.

Blood by Pepper
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue) Response to Khaki's opening sentence challenge. "His blood dripped from the counter like spilled milk."

Blood Remembers by Grym
Comicverse (Logan, Jubilee) After Mariko's death, a grief-stricken Logan prepares himself to cope in a very traditional way. Can Jubilee stay his self-destructive hand?

The Caligo Series by Shaz Nolan
X1 Movieverse/House on Haunted Hill (Scott/Jean, Logan/Rogue) This is an AU, an alternatve universe created by a crossover...and the release of one universe's demon into another. Neither have been the same since.

The Camper's Tale by Caroline
X1 Movieverse (Logan, Rogue) If it's female, it wants Logan.

Charming by Rose
Comicverse (Logan, Scott, Remy) Logan goes into the desert to meet his gods. Will Scott be ready for what awaits him there?

Chasing the Blast by Victoria P.
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue) "It was all about control, about choosing to push their traitorous bodies to the limit."

ChickFic by Hunter
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue, OC) Jubilee brings home a present for Rogue, much to Logan's dismay.

Climb the Wind by Minisinoo
X1 Movieverse (Scott/Jean, Logan) Logan and Scott are held prisoner. The descent of the hero, and his redemption.

Conversations with Rogue by Unanon
Comicverse (Juggernaut, Rogue) Ultimate Juggernaut and Rogue during Weapon X.

A Cup of Tea by Nancy Lorenz
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue) Hard times are hit upon and sometimes you just gotta ride 'em.

De Profundis Clamo ad te Domine by Sharkbait
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue) Everyone knows that Rogue has feelings for Logan. What they don't know is the extent of his affection for her...

Eighteen Cities in Twenty-One Days by Terri Berri
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue) Logan and Marie hit the road, and we get a glimpse of their trip from them and the people they run into along the way.

Empathy by NYC
X1 Movieverse (Logan/OC) So where did Wolvie come from?

The Evolution of Jubilee by Mara Greengrass
X1 Movieverse (Jubilee) A school field trip to a museum turns into a crusade for Jubilee.

Exception To The Rule by MollyTM
X2 Movieverse (Bobby/Rogue, Logan/Rogue) Bobby can't hate Logan, and that's the worst part.

Fearless by Notmanos
X1 Movieverse (Logan, OC, X-Men) Logan's mind and body start falling apart after a demon attack,and he ends up with a woman under siege by dark forces. The race is on to survive the night.

Fissure by Ransom
X2 Movieverse (Rogue) Rogue thinks. Darkness ensues.

Ghost by Donna [WIP for several months and counting]
X1 Movieverse (Scott/Rogue, Logan/Rogue) Sequel to "Torn." The X-Team battles decay from within as Rogue drifts further and further into self-destruction.

The Godless Among Them by Dyce
X1 Movieverse (OC, Rogue, Logan) A new arrival at the academy is not all that she appears to be...

Green by Sharkbait
X1 Movieverse (Logan) Memories, dreams, reality-- They're all the same color.

The Hounds of Love by Jules
X2 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue, Bobby/Rogue) " always came back to Marie."

Hungry Like the Wolf by Melissa Flores
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue) On a rescue mission, Rogue and the X-men encounter one of their own, a tormented Logan. Now, Rogue must pull together and find the mutant that has been lost to them, before he loses himself.

Ibbur by Andraste
X1 Movieverse (Magneto, Logan/Rogue) A rewrite of A Life Found and Lost from Magneto's point of view. "Nobody present was familiar enough with girl to spot the Trojan horse."

Innocence/Compassion by Mirage
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue, OC) The residents of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters wonder about Rogue's growing up and Rogue herself wonders about her sudden new take on life. All with the help of a little madness... you'll see.

Jus ad Bellum by Jenn [WIP for several months and counting]
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue, Scott/Jean) One Rogue. Two timelines. Three personalities. Every possibility. Rogue discovers who she is, could have been, and everything she can become.

Just Hum Along by Alexandria
Comicverse (Logan, Kitty) Jubilee is killed and Logan cannot accept her death.

Just Like Prometheus by Ayla Olson
X1 Movieverse (Logan, Mystique, Logan/Jean) Wolverine is taken to the brink of insanity and death by a vengeful and twisted Mystique.

The Lab by Ramos
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue) An alterverse version of our favorite couple. Inspired, sorta, by Terri Berri's Naked Animal Guy.

My Heart Belongs to Someone Else by Byte
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Jean) Takes place during the "Recovery" scene. Where it's a fact that people in a coma can be aware of their surroundings, this is especially true for someone with heightened senses.

The Long Hard Road Out of Hell by Victoria P.
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue) Rogue is attacked. She tries to get better. It's hard.

Loss by QMan
Comicverse (Logan, Jubilee, Kitty) The X-Men have a mission and something goes terribly wrong and Logan is seriously hurt.

Mexico by Molly
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue) Sequel to "Submerge." Take a trip, see the world. Rogue figures shit out.

Our Noble Scars by Victoria P.
X1 Movieverse (Rogue, Scott) Rogue tells Scott a few things in the aftermath of battle.

A Peace of His Mind by Mara Greengrass
X2 Movieverse (Logan, Xavier) "Guns, champagne, Jean limping, Stryker smirking, fragmented memories flashing in his head."

The Protector by Miko
Comicverse (Logan, Hank) Logan does what needs to be done--and pays the price.

Save the Last Dance For Me by Darkstar
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue) After humans turn against mutants, Rogue and Logan find themselves trapped in a strange world in which they have no memory of a past nor hope for a future. Fate reunites them and now it's time to make a choice. Survival or freedom? Fear or love?

Scribe and Scroll by Nix
X2 Movieverse (Kurt, Logan) Kurt thinks about scars, and Logan drops by for a chat.

The Soul Cages Series by Andariel
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue, Scott/Jean) The series is based on an alternate ending to the battle on the Statue of Liberty: Logan remains in the coma.

Still Life by Domenika Marzione
X2 Movieverse (Piotr, Kurt) Colossus, Nightcrawler, a garden, a conversation.

Submerge by Molly
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue) Pain, internal and elsewhere.

Suffer the Children by Ramos
X1 Movieverse (Logan, Jubilee) Jubilee and Rogue talk Logan into going shopping. Carnage ensues, and not the funny kind.

To Tame a Wolverine by Mara Greengrass
X1 Movieverse (Logan, Jubilee) Recipe to tame a Wolverine - first, find a Wolverine...

Ten Thousand Candles by Andraste
X2 Movieverse (Xavier) Charles Xavier lights three candles every Sunday morning.

To the Gallow's Foot and After by Melissa
Comicverse (Logan, Jubilee) Wolverine is in trouble and Jubilee is determined to rescue him no matter the cost.

Torn by Diebin
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue) When Logan finally comes back into Rogue's life, it's not the way either of them had planned, and Scott has to pick up the pieces.

Waking Nightmares by Misty
Comicverse (Logan, Xavier) One X-Man has a long night...
Nightmares and Monsters by Misty
Parts 1-5 Parts 6-10 Parts 11-15 Part 16 [WIP for several months and counting]
Comicverse (Logan, X-Men) Logan's nightmares increase in severity until a fateful mission.

Wanted: One Big, Bad Rock by Morgan Lewis
X1 Movieverse (Logan/Rogue, Scott/Jean) How much trouble can Logan and Scott get into in one afternoon and can Marie and Jean save the day for once?

War Crimes by Morgan Lewis
Comicverse (Logan, X-Men) In a story that spans decades, a piece of Logan's past catches up to him, and it's not too fond of him, either.

Weak Spots by Miracleman
X1 Movieverse (Logan, Rogue) Logan faces some truths about his feelings for Marie.

Why Not? by Dark Ferret
Comicverse (Logan/Rogue, Scott/Jean) In a rescue mission to find Scott, Rogue meets up with an old enemy, which prompts a change in an old relationship with a friend.

Zero Plus One by Azurine
Comicverse (Logan, Bobby) "At first, everyone chalked it up to hero worship brought on by Logan's involvement in their escape from Weapon X. Logan surprised them all by tolerating the attention with what passed for good-natured humor, Wolverine-style. He's not sure what amazes the others more: Bobby's attachment to him, or the fact that he appears to reciprocate."

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